Amy and Jamie

Amy and Jamie

It was the first day that I had been in Yosemite valley in almost three weeks. Heavy storms had recently pounded the valley, creating rockslides, snapping limbs, and bringing down full size trees. Yet on April 14th the sun was out and the warmth of spring filled the valley – we are on the other side of the cycle. Maybe it was this new life all around but I was incredibly filled with the need to create something new. Thankfully I was about to join Amy and Jamie for their wedding.

Before their wedding, I did not have the chance to sit down with Amy and Jamie to talk with them. In fact almost all communication I had with them amounted to a handful of phone conversations with Amy late last year. So when I met them for the first time on their wedding day, I really didn’t have a full grasp of their personalities. I didn’t know what kind of wildly enthusiastic people I was about to spend the afternoon with.

We met at the Bridalveil Falls trailhead where I took Jamie on a short walk to a few granite boulders while we waited for Amy. She slowly walked up and tapped Jamie on the shoulder and for the first time, under the trees and in the midst of ageless rocks, he held his bride. It was just the two of them.

Instantly any nervousness washed away from Amy and Jamie and love took over. They were relaxed together and at home in Yosemite. We talked quite a bit as the afternoon went on and their love for life (and each other) soaked into everything. They are both lovers of the outdoors and rock climbers, which has brought them to Yosemite together many times. They really seemed like friends that have known each other all of their lives.

They were joined by their family and close friends for an intimate ceremony on the banks of the Merced River. Amy made an emotional walk with her father into a circle created by their wedding guests where she was once again greeted by Jamie. They stood there, in the shadows of the trees, arm in arm throughout the ceremony. It was a beautiful and simple ceremony, both deeply personal and intimate.

After the ceremony we traveled to a few more locations in the valley soaking in the afternoon light, but it was really Amy and Jamie lighting up the photographs. Their zest for life was amazing. We eventually made our way to Tunnel View for the last photography of the day where perfect strangers stood in awe of of this magical couple. Even a little four year old girl pointed at Amy and called her the princess. Could you blame her? They were incredibly full of excitement and living in the moment together.

Congratulations again Amy and Jamie! It was a wonderfully intimate wedding. I wish you both the best of life and I am thankful we were able to create this art together!

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    Patrick – what a wonderful way that you capture the emotion and the magnificent view!

  2. Mei

    Congratulations James and Amy. Nice outdoor wedding. My favorite picture is the second from the last that two of you in the wood..

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