Plus One For 2011

Plus One For 2011

Bride walking on top of Tenaya Lake in Yosemite after it froze

Only a handful of days ago, I selected some of my favorite photographs from 2011. One flaw in my process however was that 2011 wasn’t even over. What would happen if I created a new favorite photograph in the remaining days?

On Tuesday my family and I headed up to Tenaya Lake in Yosemite to take advantage of this winters conditions. It’s been very cold, but without snow, leaving the high country of Yosemite easily accessible by car. Our destination that day was Tenaya Lake for an afternoon of ice skating. Standing in the middle of this frozen lake, I was blown away by the beauty. It was a magical day that I will never forget. It was also a day that gave me an idea that I couldn’t get out of my head.

Yesterday, on the afternoon of December 30th, three years after they met, Elizabeth and Nick were married in Yosemite Valley. It was a cold day, but the weather was still clear and without snow; meaning that Tioga Pass is still open and we could drive to Tenaya Lake. When I asked them if they had any ideas for locations for photographs they told me they trusted me entirely. When I suggested to them that they could have one of the most unique wedding photographs ever, they got excited.

Together we hurried up and out of the valley racing the sunshine to Tenaya Lake. When we arrived, the sun had already left the lake and skating up the granite walls that frame the lake. I knew we had to hurry to make the photograph in my head real. I found the perfect place to work and quickly made this frame, the first of the series we created on the lake.

What I love about this photograph is the delicate balance between the glowing granite and the frozen ice. It’s a balance that seems unreal, creating this place of perfect beauty. The texture of the ice and the lines of the mountains. The abstract refection of the world above in the ice. All of this comes together to hold Elizabeth, standing strong on the ice, a woman of true beauty.

This photograph is for Elizabeth and Nick; congratulations once again and thank you for your amazing trust and making this photograph happen! This is a truly unique photograph that I doubt will ever be duplicated by another bride.

In the next couple of days I’ll be showing and telling the entire story of their wedding day, including many more from a frozen Tenaya Lake.



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  1. denise candy

    Patrick it was a pleasure to meet you, someone who will go that extra mile and with good grace. The kids looked great,happy and you made it worth the almost six thousand miles of travel to witness the making of the lake shots.

  2. Carol E. Dewey

    Patrick, this is such a powerful statement! Elizabeth & Nick are so very fortunate to have had such a beautiful day, and willing spirit and a gifted photographer.
    This is just one of your best, my friend.
    Happy trails and blue skies.

  3. Kim Baker

    These pictures are stunning, knowing my beautiful niece and her love for Yosemite, you have made her dreams come true!

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