It had been a warm day, but the sun was setting in the hills and cooling things down when I met up with Sierra. She had some ideas for her senior portraits, but nothing was locked in stone yet. All I knew is that it only took me one glance at her to know that that was going to be easy. Here is Sierra, a beautiful woman ready to enjoy the journey ahead of her.

She greeted me with a wonderful smile trying to hold back her nervousness before we began not really knowing what to expect. In spite of this, I could also see that she was will to give it a try. I grabbed my camera and we spent a little time together in this meadow near her home.

Smiles and joy came easily to her face, as did confidence and pride revealing a unique person. As I look at these photographs now, what I love the most is the range of emotions that we capture so quickly. From enjoying youthful days in a meadow, to gathering strength for the future, Sierra is ready no matter what is to come.

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