Washburn Point Elopement with Kimberly and Erik

Washburn Point Elopement with Kimberly and Erik

Kimberly and Erik planned to spend the next few days after their wedding in the backcountry, so it was no surprise that they picked a location like Washburn Point for their ceremony. It’s one of the first locations along Glacier Point Road with a view of the face of Half Dome – imagine driving along a winding road with pines on either side when all of a sudden you realize that around the next turn Half Dome is right there, staring you down. It’s humbling.

Once at Washburn Point we hiked down a short trail to a small private ledge. When we’ve reached the spot, the sound of the nearby road disappears and is replaced by the sound of nothingness. It’s so quiet that we can hear a nearby squirrel crunch leaves under its feet. And the view is stunning. This is why they came here. Except that’s not why they came here. They have here to promise their love to each other and this breathtaking location is just the setting, the backdrop.

We didn’t have too long to spend together after the ceremony, and I knew they were up for an adventure, so together we hiked out to the nearby Taft Point. It’s a short little hike with an incredible payoff. With any good hike getting there is the best part. This trail took us past massive granite boulders, creek beds covered in ferns, and eventually to the Fissures which shockingly let you peer straight down to the valley floor thousands of feet below. Then you come to the point and get to stare out across Yosemite Valley stretched beneath you.

The thing that you’ll never believe (especially as you look at the photographs of them at Taft Point) is that Erik has a healthy respect for heights. Even when he was close to the edge, he wasn’t right next to the edge (safety first). But it isn’t all about hiking and standing on ledges. Before we left, I made sure that they had time just to relax and cuddle up for a bit up there. It’s an inspiring place to stand and I hope that there photographs will always remind them of an amazing adventure on their wedding day.

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