Free Same Sex Wedding Photography

Free Same Sex Wedding Photography

Many of us have been left in fear over what the future holds for us since election night. While I have no interest in creating any political discussion here, I wanted to do something to help. So from now until President Obama leaves office, I am donating my services to any same sex couples that want to get married in Yosemite or at the Mariposa County Courthouse. If you are worried that your ability to get married may be taken away from you and want to move your wedding date up, I want to make sure you can still have stunning wedding photographs.

There’s no fine print here, just free same sex wedding photography in Yosemite until Friday January 20th 2017.

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  1. Terri Wright

    Wow! Patrick Pike! You are an amazing man! Thank you! From Terri and Aimee Wright (you were our photographer for our wedding 6/26/15)! We love you!

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