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Having worked in fashion editorial, photojournalism, portrait and music, Patrick creates an arresting, beauty-inspired world within a single photograph. As a generous and artistic photographer, Patrick combines a technical expertise with proficient composition skills that result in finely crafted images both sincere and emotive without ever being cliché. Patrick does not approach a wedding as a standard event; rather he utilizes the ceremonial environment to establish a rich and evocative background to document each couple’s unique bond.

Simply put, Patrick Pike “gets it.”

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It may seem odd that a surfer from Los Angeles would grow to call a small town in the Sierra’s home, but that’s exactly what has happened to me. I have found a perfect level of peace and solitude here that mirrors my love of the ocean. A family of true outdoor lovers, I live with my wife and two little ones just outside of Yosemite National Park in the town of Mariposa. Living here provides us with opportunities that we love, wether it’s kayaking in the local Merced River, exploring local trails on mountain bike, or just relaxing in our front yard. It’s our perfect place for us. And living this close to Yosemite and spending so much time there is simply amazing.[/one_half_last]

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Common Questions

[one_half][accordions][accordion title=”What is the investment?”]We’ve brought together some of our most popular services and products in a few wedding collections to help you get beautiful art from your wedding as easily as possible. Our Elopement Collections start at $1500 and complete Wedding Collections start at $3150[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you choose where to take us for photographs?”]I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on your photographs, including specific location or landmarks. Don’t worry though, if you’re not sure I’ll take the lead and make sure you have amazingly beautify works of art.[/accordion] [accordion title=”When is the best time of day for photographs in Yosemite”]I wish I could make things easy and give you a clear cut answer, but in truth there isn’t one time of day that’s better than any other. We’ve tailored our photography equipment to be able to give us the results we want under any circumstances regardless of existing conditions. The best that I can say is that different times of day gives different options, but none is necessarily better than any other.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you photograph Elopements?”]YES! We love being a part of a couple’s elopement and treat it differently than a full wedding. Plan on spending three hours with me traveling through Yosemite.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you travel?”]While it may seem that we only work in Yosemite, we do travel all across California and the globe. We love bringing our unique approach and style with us. Please contact us for more information.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Will I receive digital files?”]All of our collections do include the digital files from your wedding, however this alone is never the finished product. A finished work of art is will be something that you can touch and hold, something that will hang on your walls or display in an album.[/accordion] [/accordions] [/one_half] [one_half_last][accordions][accordion title=”Are there restrictions for Elopements?”]We are only available to photograph Elopements Sunday through Friday (not on Saturday). Of course, if you have your choice of when to elope in Yosemite, you wouldn’t want to deal with the weekend crowds anyway.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you require a deposit?”]We require a twenty-five percent non-refundable deposit to secure your date. Fifty percent of the total is due seven days before the wedding, with the remaining twenty-five percent due after viewing online proofs. The final product will be sent after receiving the last payment.[/accordion] [accordion title=”What is your style?”]This is difficult to pinpoint because we don’t fit into pigeon holes. While it comes closest to Editorial Photography, we blend the style of modern portraiture with the spontaneity of photojournalism to create art. We want you to feel relaxed and also have fun during your wedding day. Some of our photos are posed, but not the same tired looks of yesteryear.[/accordion] [accordion title=”When will my photographs be available?”]All images will be made available for online proofing and print purchase within six weeks of your wedding. Production time for our finished products such as prints and albums do vary, please call for details.[/accordion] [accordion title=”How long will my online proofs be available?”]All proofs will be online for six months. We will assist you to make decisions and create works of art to display in your home from your wedding.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you have insurance?”]Yes and we will be happy to provide proof to any venue that requests us to do so.[/accordion][/accordions] [/one_half_last]